What is MonkeyBux.com?


MonkeyBux.com… is a private effort, by a group of business professionals, to help fund non-profit groups involved in animal protection & animal rescue projects.

We accomplish this with capitalism… essentially donating 1/3 of our profits directly to non-profit animal groups so they can continue to protect, house, feed and rescue animals in need globally.

Our current business activities consist of our Buy It Now Marketplace… powered by Amazon!, our Weekly Live Auctions, and our business performance services which include SEO / PPC management!

The MonkeyBux.com project was founded when one member of our group saw the photo to the right on the internet… of a baby chimpanzee, who was orphaned by poachers.

The original idea was to use the group’s background in business marketing and software technology, to build “something” that would somehow help fight against poaching while contributing to the rescue and well being of monkeys & apes.

After further research into the topic of animal rescue, we discovered just how much all animals, both domestic and wild… need our help.

So MonkeyBux was born, and dedicated, to helping monkeys, apes, cats, dogs and
all animals everywhere.


Our organization of web developers, professional business performance consultants and expert SEO / PPC Managers…specialize in highly effective, exceptionally innovative, marketing strategies.

Our cooperation together, allows us to use our knowledge and experience of growing businesses and expanding commercial “for-profit” companies… toward this project: MonkeyBux.com…which will help animal rescue organizations make the world better for all animals everywhere.

Palm Springs, California