Attention Non Profit Organizations:
Would A Guaranteed, 5 Figure Monthly Financial Donation To Your Group Make A Difference?


…if you just said YES, and your non-profit is eligible, you may be able to receive a guaranteed 5 figure donation every month from a wealthy philanthropist we know.

If you operate a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit group, company, organization, animal rescue sanctuary, habitat, or preserve….then there is a 99.9% chance your organization is eligible.

The 5 figure donation being offered by the wealthy philanthropist we know, is being provided in the form of a 5 figure monthly advertising budget!

Used creatively and cleverly, there is a lot of potential for this donated advertising budget to benefit your organization’s purpose by bringing in many more new donations and expanded annual revenue.

Interested? Excited? Well We Have Even Better News!


We Donate 1/3 Of Our Quarterly Profits From Website Transactions To Animal Protection/Rescue Groups and Sanctuaries!

So what is on your wish list? The MonkeyBux Online Marketplace… in conjunction with our sister company, are personally looking for the best animal protection rescue groups out there to work with.

We are currently interviewing non-profit animal rescue & protection groups for animal related articles in our “Animal Rescue Spotlight”. If invited, your organization would participate in our simple 10 minute interview, conducted by email, where you answer 10 interview questions about your non-profit rescue protection group or sanctuary.

Your non-profit Animal Protection Rescue organization would then be given publicity through our website and in addition, a donation of food, medicine, toys, beds and/or other supplies you need to keep your rescue animals healthy and happy. These purchases will be made by us, using the 1/3 of our quarterly profits, and publicly accounted for with a display of accounting on our website.

The MonkeyBux Online Marketplace donation is available only to non-profit animal protection-rescue groups, Sanctuaries, Reserves & Preserves. Even though the donation given is usually a fulfillment of food,
toys, vet medicine and needed supplies from your wishlist for your animals… we can also work directly with your non-profit group through a seperate program to create cash funding of animal housing projects or help expansion of your organization and its mission at no cost to you.

Unlike the “$10,000” a month Ad donation money offered by the wealthy philanthropist we mentioned earlier… we are a smaller, for-profit business… so the donations offered by us at MonkeyBux are much more exclusive. The funds available per quarter are limited so we can only offer these funds to the best animal protection rescue groups out there.

How To Apply…

We cannot think of too many people who would turn down a donated 5 figure ad budget… nor a healthy donation from us so… if your non-profit organization is interested in applying for either of the two donations, simply contact MonkeyBux by using the
email form below .

Please be sure to type “10k donation – please call” in the subject line… then put your phone number and best time / date to call in the message area of the email.

After doing that just click the SEND button and your done! You will hear from us at the time and date you requested.


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