Our Marketplace

You can help the animals simply by shopping here on!

We will donate 1/3 of all our profits from your shopping transactions to buy good food, housing,
vet medicine, toys to play with and other supplies needed for helping dogs, cats, monkeys, apes,
and all other animals who are now living in protective/rescue sanctuaries. reserves, & preserves.

Monkey Computer Money

Our “Buy Marketplace” is powered by Amazon! So that means we offer everything you can buy at Amazon such as cell phones, DVDs, clothing, computers, TVs, video games, books or anything else you can think of.

But instead of going to Amazon… you buy using our Amazon powered marketplace, and Amazon will ship your purchases to you! The animals can benefit from every purchase you make!

Live Auctions

In addition to our Amazon powered “Buy Marketplace”, now features weekly
and monthly Live Auctions of special priced popular items at huge discounts!


Just like in our “Buy Marketplace”… we will donate 1/3 of all our profits from these Live Auctions…
to fund Animal Protection/Rescue efforts.

This can include everything from buying food and supplies to house and care for these animals rescued… to purchasing armed protection of wild animals in the forests and jungles who are in
constant danger of being slaughtered by poachers.

Some are on the verge of extinction, but together we can stop the senseless killing before they
are gone forever.

Our Animal Friends Need Our Help Now

When the money you spend is used to stop, arrest, and jail these criminal poaching murderers…
you’ve made a difference!

When the money you spend at…rescues dogs and cats from city-county animal
shelters so they are not euthanized(killed), but rather placed in good homes…you have
made a difference.


When an animal’s life is saved or made better as a result of our website’s advocate work, financial
support and wide spread encouragement of “no-kill” policies… we’ve all… made a difference!

All of our efforts… no matter how big or small… count!

So on behalf of the animals and the non-profit groups working and fighting to help them…

We say thank you.
Palm Springs, California